Appendix D: Index of Translated Septuagint Passages

Septuagint Passage

Gospel According to John

Key Words

The Prologue

Exodus 6:29 Jn. 1:1 as many things as I am saying
Numbers 11:23 Jn. 1:1 My word will take effect for you or not
Deuteronomy 30:19-20 Jn. 1:4 for this is life for you
Genesis 1:3-4 Jn. 1:4 Let come into being light
Genesis 5:1-2 Jn. 1:4 on which day made God Adam
Genesis 6:1-7 Jn. 1:4 God said ‘I will discard humanity
Genesis 6:8-9 Jn. 1:4 Noe (Noah) was (a) righteous human
Genesis 6:11-14a Jn. 1:4 I am destroying (humanity) and…land
Genesis 6:18-21; 7:2 Jn. 1:4 I will establish my testament with you
Genesis 9: 1-17 Jn. 1:4 I am establishing my covenant with you
Genesis 31: 22-25a Jn. 1:5 Laban overtook Jacob
Genesis 15:13 Jn. 1:11 a land that is not their own
Deuteronomy 11:18-19 Jn. 1:12 put these words in your heart and soul
Daniel 7:13-14 Jn. 1:12 His authority is everlasting
Daniel 7:27 Jn. 1:12 all authority will be placed under Him
Genesis 12:13-14 Jn. 1:14 Lot settled… and tented in Sodoms
Numbers 14:21-22 Jn. 1:14 all the men who see my glory
Deuteronomy Jn. 1:14 the Lord God has shown us His glory
Isaiah 6:1 Jn. 1:14 the building/house was full of His glory
Zechariah 12:10 Jn. 1:14 I will pour out… grace and mercy
Psalm 97: 1-9 Jn. 1:14

remembered His mercytruthfulness

Psalm 118: 137-160 Jn. 1:16 The beginning of your words is truth

Hour One

Esdras B: 6:3-10 (= Ezra 6:1-12) Jn. 1:19 Let…Judeans build that house of God
Deuteronomy 17:14-15 Jn. 1:19 shall not …appoint…a stranger to rule
Genesis 27:18-19 Jn. 1:19 Who are you? (Isaac was blind).
Malachi 1:1; 3:1, 16-17, 20, 22-23= Malachi 1:1; 3:1, 16-18; 4:1-3, 5-6 NRSV Jn. 1:21 Elijah the Tishbite, Place, Messenger, the Lord whom you seek comes, the ones fearing the Lord and reverencing His name, Sun of Righteousness, restore the heart of a father to his son.
Haggai 1:7; 2:4-5, 2: 9, 14-15, 18 Jn. 1:21 Place, this house, peace of spirit for a possession, Place in, under your hearts
4 Kingdoms 3:11 = 2 Kings 3:11 Jn. 1:21 poured water on the hands of Elijah
Isaiah 40:3, 6 Jn. 1:23 voice of one crying out in the wilderness
Deuteronomy 5:33 Jn. 1:23 According to all the way
Deuteronomy 6: 1-6 Jn. 1:23 Commands, ordinances, judgments that the Lord our God commanded to teach you to do, (the Shema)
Joshua 24:23 Jn. 1:23 Make straight your heart
Leviticus 10: 14-15 Jn. 1:24 portion separated, a separate offering
Leviticus 11:33 Jn. 1:24 whatever may be inside will be unclean
Leviticus 10: 9-10 Jn. 1:25 discern: holy, unholy, unclean, clean
Exodus 19:10-11 Jn. 1:25 Make them holy today and tomorrow and let them wash their garments, third day the Lord will come…
4Kingdoms 5:14 = 2 Kings 5:14 Jn. 1:26 Naaman … dipped in the Jordan
Deuteronomy 11: 26-31 Jn. 1:26 other gods who you do not know
Deuteronomy 13:1-4 Jn. 1:26 other gods who you do not know
Isaiah 52: 1-5 Jn. 1:27 cry aloud, I am present as an hour, feet of one who brings the report of peace, as one who brings good news, for I will bring salvation, break forth the desolate places, Lord has shown mercy, depart depart, come out, be separate you who carry the vessels of the Lord, my childwill be raised up, your glory (despised) by men
Genesis 32:25-32a Jn. 1:30 Jacob…wrestled a person, your name will be called Israel, Jacob called the name of that place Form of God, I saw God face to face, the sun rose upon him when he passed by/surrendered to the Form of God
Genesis 1:2 Jn. 1:32 spirit of God rushed upon the water
Genesis 8:1 Jn. 1:32 God brought a wind upon the land and the water abated
Genesis 8: 7-11 Jn. 1:32 Noah sent off a raven (and) the dove
Numbers 24:2 Jn. 1:32 Balaam lifted up his eyes…the Spirit of God came upon him
Numbers 24: 15-17 Jn. 1:32 taking up his poetic discourse, man who sees clearly/truly, one who hears the oracles of God, who knows the knowledge from the Most High, one who sees the vision from God as in a dream with his eyes open, I perceive/ reveal him, I pronounce him blessed, a star out of Jacob will rise
Genesis 28:10-17 Jn. 1:33 Jacob …placed a stone from the place under his head and dreamed, a ladder, messengers of God, I did not know it, the House of God, door of heaven, pillar
Genesis 31: 12c-13a Jn. 1:34 I have seen…I am the God who appeared to you in the place of God
Genesis 41:15 Jn. 1:34 Pharaoh said to Joseph, I have seen
Genesis 46:30 Jn. 1:34 I have seen your face… you are still alive
Exodus 3:9 Jn. 1:34 I have seen the affliction which the Egyptians are pressing upon them
Judges 14: 1-2 Jn. 1:34 I have seen a woman…of the foreigners
2 Kingdoms 13:34b-35= 2 Samuel 13: 34b-35 Jn. 1:34 watchman…reported to the king …, I have seen men
2 Kingdoms 18:10= 2 Samuel 18:10 Jn. 1:34 I have seen Absolom hanging from an oak, Even (if) I am I am, (a) thousand shekels of silver, I would not put my hand upon the son of the king
3 Kingdoms 22:16-17= 1 Kings 22: 16-17 Jn. 1:34 I have seen all Israel scattered on the hills like a flock that does not (have) a shepherd. The lord said There is no lord to these.
Job 5:1-4 Jn. 1:34 I have seen foolish ones take root… may there be no deliverer
Job 15: 17-21 Jn. 1:34 What now I have seen I shall declare to you, what (the) wise shall speak and their fathers (have) not hidden.
Zechariah 9:8b Jn. 1:34 Now I have seen with my eyes…Behold your king comes to you, righteous (able to) keep alivehumble, mounted on a mule foal of a young ass.
Isaiah 57: 17-18 Jn. 1:34 I have seen His ways and I have healed Him and I comforted Him and I gave Him genuine comfort
Jeremiah 7:8-11 Jn. 1:34 Even I, behold, I have seen says the Lord
Jeremiah 13: 25-27 Jn. 1:34 I have seen your abominations
Jeremiah 23: 14-15 Jn. 1:34 I have seen horrible things:…from the prophets of Jerusalem defilement went out to the whole land.
Jeremiah 37: 4-9= Jeremiah 30: 4-9 Jn. 1:34 I have seen all humankind…they shall not labor any longer for foreigners. They shall labor for the Lord their God, and I will raise up for them their king, David.
Daniel 2:3-47 Jn. 1:34 the king (Nebuchadnessar) said to them, ‘I have seen a dream and my spirit is stirred up. I want, therefore, to find out the (meaning of) the dream.
2 Kingdoms 23:1-7= 2 Samuel 23:1-7 Jn. 1:34 these are the last words of David: Oracle Davidoracle manthe anointed oneSpirit of the Lord is in me and His word is on my tongue. Speak (a) proverb/parableGod at the light of dawn the sun will risea man shall not grow weary among them, and full of iron and wood is the spear
Genesis 19:27(See also Ex. 20:21; 24:9-10; 33:8) Jn. 1:35 Abraham made an early start in the morning to the place where he had stood opposite/over/against the Lord
Job 2:10 Jn. 1:36 Looking at her, he said to her… in all these things … no way did Job sinby his speaking before God
Isaiah 51: 1-5 Jn. 1:36 Look at the solid rock…Look at Abraham your father and (look at) Sarah…lift up your eyes to the sky and look at the earth below
Genesis 22: 7-14 Jn. 1:36 Look, the fire and the wood. Where is the sheep for the whole offering? …God will see to a sheep for the whole offering for himself, child. Having gone/having walkedLook it is IDo not lay your hand upon the childyou have not spared your beloved sonlooking up Abraam with his eyes saw and look one ram… called the name of that place the Lord saw …the Lord was seen
Daniel 3:92 = Daniel 3:25 NRSV Jn. 1:36 Look, I myself see four unbound men walking about in the fire…and the appearance of the fourth man is similar to a messenger/angel/holy being/(Aramaic: son of the gods)
Genesis 3:8 Jn. 1:36 They heard the sound of the Lord God walking about in the paradisein the evening
Isaiah 53:7 Jn. 1:36 like a lamb the one who shears it is dumb, so he opens not his mouth
Exodus 12:2-6 Jn. 1:36 let each one take a sheep according to the household of the fathers…you will take it from the lambs and from the young kids. …it will be watched closely by you until …the sons of Israel shall slay it towards evening
Joshua 14: 8-9, 13-14 Jn. 1:37 I continued to follow the Lord my God …to follow after the Lord your God …because of his following the command of the Lord God of Israel
1 Kingdoms 10: 6-9= 1 Samuel 10: 6-9 Jn. 1:38 Spirit of the Lord will overcome you …and you willturn into a different manturningGod put/changed in him another heart
1 Kingdoms 18: 37-39= 1 Kings 18: 37-39 Jn. 1:38 May this people know that you are Lord God and you have turned the heart of this people back
Malachi 3:1 Jn. 1:38 The Lord whom you seek will come into His own temple, and the messenger of the covenant whom you desire, behold He comes, says the Lord Almighty
4 Kingdoms 9:3 = 2 Kings 9:3 Jn. 1:38 Do not wait around/abide
Psalm 101:13 Jn. 1:38 But you, O Lord remain/abide and your remembrance (remains/abides) from generation to generation
Malachi 3:17-21 Jn. 1:39 they (the ones fearing the Lord and reverencing his name) will be for meI will choose them in what manner a person chooses the one serving his son…you will turnyou will seeyou will come
Ezekiel 44:7 Jn. 1:39 You lead/introduce alien sonsuncircumcised in heart and uncircumcised in flesh to be in my sanctuary
Malachi 3:19 Jn. 1:39 all foreigners and all the ones who do evil will become like straw… Nothing will be left…, not a root or a branch
Zechariah 12:6 Jn. 1:39 captains of Judah as a firebrand of fire in firewood and as torches of fire in straw
Deuteronomy 29:17 Jn. 1:39 Is there not anyone in/with you (who is) a root producing/bringing forth gall and bitterness?
Numbers 13:23 Jn. 1:39 a branch and a cluster of grapes with one attached to it
Exodus 12:22 Jn. 1:39 you yourselves will not go out (through) the door of his house until morning
Leviticus 8:33 Jn. 1:39 from the entrance of the Tent of Testimony (you) will not go out
Leviticus 10:7 Jn. 1:39 From the entrance of the Tent of Testimony you will not go out
Isaiah 52:10-12 Jn. 1:39 Come out from there…you will come out ,,, you will not come out with disorder, nor will you go in flight
Isaiah 55:12 Jn. 1:39 For you will go out with joy and with delight you will be taught, for the mountains and the hills will leap and they will welcome/accept you with delight and all the trees of the field will clap their branches
Isaiah 42:6-7 Jn. 1:39 I, the Lord God, have called you…and I will hold fast you hand, and I will strengthen you, and I will give you a covenant …to open the eyes of the blind, to lead out from their chains those who are bound and (to lead out) from their house of guarding those in darkness.
Genesis 1:5 Jn. 1:39 And God named the light day and the darkness … night, and there was evening and there was morning, day one.
Genesis 15:17 Jn. 1:39 When the sun was born near sunset, there was born a flame and look, a smoking furnace and torches of fire that went up in the middle of their divided parts.
Genesis 1:4 Jn. 1:39 And God saw the light that it was good. And God made a separation in the midst of the light and in the midst of the darkness.

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